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Are you looking for Air Conditioning for your vehicle?

Your vehicle's air-conditioner is responsible for maintaining a stable environment inside the passenger cabin in both summers and winters. It removes the bacterias and pollutants from the passenger’s cabin. If you notice any problem with your car’s ac, you should get it checked and repaired.

MOT Service Centre specialises in topping up your car’s AC refrigerant and fixing the underlying issues with the compressor. Our highly-skilled professionals conduct a thorough inspection of your car’s air-conditioning, so you can drive comfortably.

If our experts find any major issues with your car’s AC filter or compressor, they will fix the defects or get the parts replaced. We also utilise an advanced pressure gauge to measure the refrigerant levels and regas it if required.

Why get an air-conditioning service from us?

  • Cutting-edge equipment and skilled professionals to inspect and repair the AC
  • Coolant top-up and regas service to avoid hot or no air inside the passenger cabin
  • OEM grade equipment
  • Customer assistance to deliver exceptional results

When should you get an air-conditioning service?

If you detect any unpleasant smell from the AC vents or experience hot air inside the passenger cabin, you can get it inspected from us. Also, it is crucial to get the AC checked after every 18-24 months.

In case you are confused regarding the AC of your vehicle, please visit us in Tipton and we will suggest you the best AC service that resolves your issue.

Signs of a malfunctioning car AC

  • Insufficient cooling
  • Water droplets on the windscreen and side mirrors
  • Strange odour from the vents
  • Leaking fluids
  • Excessive noise from the compressor

Visit us

If you are looking to get exceptional air conditioning repair Tipton within your budget, drive to us at MOT Service Centre. Our professionals have years of experience in finding the root cause of a malfunctioning AC and repair it at affordable costs.

For any feedback and suggestions, connect with us via mail or call.

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