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Are you looking for Car Battery for your vehicle?

It is wise to get your car battery checked and serviced routinely so that it won’t hamper your car’s performance in the long run. If you notice dimmer headlights or a slow engine crank, it indicates that your car battery is dying or requires immediate professional assistance.

MOT Service Centre offers you unparalleled battery repair and replacement service at competitive prices. At our service station, your trust empowers us to give you an exceptional service experience. You can easily rely on our car battery service because we promise you professional car battery replacement Tipton at our authorised garage.

Our team has skilled professionals that diagnose the problem in your battery effectively.

When to replace your car’s battery?

Ideally, the age of your car’s battery is five years. It is highly recommended to get a routine battery check once your battery crosses the mark of 3-year. A plenty of factors causes early corrosion of the battery. Once you detect the battery terminals are corroded, immediately seek professional assistance for a car battery repair Tipton.

Our experts are efficient to conduct diagnosis with the help of advanced and standardised equipment.

Symptoms of a failing battery

  • Rotten Smell:

If you notice a foul smell emanating from the battery, it signals an immediate replacement is needed.

  • Corroded terminals:

The rusted battery terminals with a blue layer signifies battery failure. Reach out to us at MOT Service Centre for quick repair or replacement.

  • Swollen battery case:

In case of a bloated battery, visit our garage, MOT Service Centre. The swollen battery happens because of excessive heat, which in turn degrades the performance of your battery.

  • Auto electrics are not performing:

If your car's air-con is not working fine or the headlights are dimmer, they indicate your car’s battery is low on charge.

  • Backfiring engine:

A failing battery causes fuel accumulation in the cylinders, which results in engine backfires when the fuel burns.

Slow engine crank: If your car’s engine takes more time to start than usual, it is a sign of a malfunctioning battery, which needs to be addressed soon.

So, these are the potential warning signs of a dying battery.

Feel free to contact us or visit us when you detect any of the above-listed warning signs. We at MOT Service Centre offer you excellent service of car’s battery repair or replacement Tipton.