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Are you looking for Exhaust Repair Service Tipton for your vehicle?

The exhaust of your vehicle facilitates the emission of harmful gases from the engine into the atmosphere through the exhaust pipe. It works collectively with the assistance of a catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, oxygen sensor, and muffler to convert poisonous gases into less harmful emissions. But if any of the exhaust components do not work correctly, you will experience many issues in the vehicle. Therefore, to eliminate such problems, please visit the MOT Service Centre in Tipton.

Our team of professionals hold industry experience to diagnose and repair different kinds of problems within your car’s exhaust. We update our equipment as per motor standards of the UK and assure nothing but quality exhaust repair Tipton.

Common issues with the exhaust system

  • Damaged oxygen sensor

If your car’s oxygen sensor is damaged, the check engine light will turn on your dashboard. It also leads to an imbalance between the air-fuel mixture and damages the catalytic converter.

  • Cracks in the exhaust system

In case you hear any strange sounds from the engine block, you should be alarmed about cracks within the exhaust system. It leads the harmful gases to enter the passenger cabin. Thus, please visit our facility to get it repaired.

  • Damaged exhaust hangers

The exhaust hanger is responsible for protecting your exhaust system from hitting the roads. If it gets damaged, your exhaust will become free to move around and lead to damages and cracks.

Symptoms of a failing exhaust

  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Burning smell from the engine block
  • Strange noises from the exhaust system
  • Black or blue smoke from the exhaust pipe
  • Engine misfires

Visit us in Tipton

MOT Service Centre is a reputable auto-garage with years of experience in car servicing and repairs. We train our professionals to repair almost every issue with your car’s exhaust, so you don’t have to face any trouble while driving. If your car’s exhaust is beyond repair, our dedicated team will replace the whole exhaust system for you.

To skip the waiting line at our garage, please book an online appointment for exhaust service Tipton through our website.

In case of any questions, connect with us via email or ring us on our phone or visit us at our garage.