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Are you looking for Summer Check for your vehicle?

Getting a summer check is an excellent way of inspecting your car's crucial parts to ensure that it is ready for the summer season. It involves the inspection of battery, brakes, coolant, and fluid so your vehicle does not breakdown due to hot weather. At MOT Service Centre, we make sure to conduct a thorough diagnosis of your vehicle and top-up the required fluids to ensure your car's healthy functioning.

We are one of Tipton's leading garages with advanced machines and highly-skilled professionals who will be happy to assist you.

What’s included in our summer check?

Here are some of the components included in our summer check Tipton

  • Tyres

We inspect the condition of your tyre to look for any signs of uneven wear and tread deterioration. Our professionals also ensure that your car tyres do not fall below the legal tread limit of 1.6mm. Experts recommend switching to summer tyres as soon as the climatic conditions become hot and dry.

  • Oil change

Our experts check your vehicle for adequate oil levels and top it up if required. In case the oil filter is not working correctly, our team will replace it for you.

  • Air-conditioning

If your car's air conditioner is blowing hot or no air, we will inspect it during our summer check and make the requisite repairs.

  • Engine

We use advanced code readers and diagnosis systems to inspect your car’s engine for overheating and other significant issues that may cause trouble in the summers.

  • Brakes

We check your vehicle's brake pads, callipers, and rotors for all the issues.

  • Battery

Our team inspects your car’s battery for adequate voltage, current, and fluids. If any problem is found, we will top-up the fluids and replace the battery if required.

  • Drive to us

MOT Service Centre is a reliable garage that provides advanced summer check Tipton in the record time. Our team is proficient enough to detect different issues within your vehicle and fix them.

If you need any help with appointments and booking, you can connect with us via email or phone.

To know more about our summer check and car services, please visit us in Tipton.