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Are you looking for the Engine Diagnostics service for your vehicle?

Your car has to pass through a multitude of challenges to provide you a comfortable driving experience.

Thus, it requires regular inspection and maintenance to identify potential issues that can reduce its life. car Engine Diagnostics Tipton by MOT Service Centre is an excellent way to effectively detect any underlying problems with your car.

We utilise the on-board diagnostic system to detect the error codes sent by your car and provide you with accurate suggestions to fix them. Our garage also makes sure to resolve any performance issues with your vehicle once you visit us.

When should you get car diagnostics?

Generally, it is advisable to get the diagnostics done when you go for car servicing, so you can be assured of its condition. But you can also lookout for the symptoms mentioned below to know if your vehicle requires advanced diagnostics.

  • Check engine light turns on

In case the check engine light turns on your car’s dashboard, you should get an advanced diagnostics service for your vehicle to determine the exact issue within your car.

  • Reduced fuel-efficiency

If your car consumes more fuel than previously used to, diagnosis can help identify malfunctioning parts and other issues.

  • Buying second-hand cars

Driving a used car can lead to inevitable problems like starting issues, poor steering control, etc. Thus, car diagnostics can assist you in detecting the exact cause and prevent breakdowns.

  • Overview of car Engine diagnostics Tipton at our garage

MOT Service Centre prioritises your satisfaction. Therefore, we use advanced diagnostic equipment to read the error codes from your car’s on-board computer. Our professionals are trained to interpret the various error codes from your vehicle with different scanners, including an OBD-II reader.

We can also repair the issues within your car and replace irreparable components as well. Once your vehicle is repaired, our team will conduct a final inspection of your vehicle to ensure that no errors are left unattended.

Our garage also stocks OEM grade equipment to replace any parts of your car that is beyond repair.

Drive to us

If you are looking to get one of the most advanced diagnostic services for your car in Tipton, MOT Service Centre can help you. We also provide you with the option to book your diagnostics Tipton online by entering your car’s registration number to avoid waiting in the queue.