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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

Wheels are the most fundamental parts of your vehicle that drive you around and maintain the balance of your car. Taking good care of them is something that can’t be put to chance. Therefore, we advise motorists not to waste a single moment and get their car to the MOT Service Centre for accurate wheel alignment Tipton.

With a highly skilled staff, we promise you to provide the best service at the most reasonable price. We at MOT service station align your wheels perfectly that your tyres take no extra load.

Why do wheels go out of alignment

Wheels are fitted tightly with the tyre, with all their nuts tightly screwed. Only a hard blow to your car can change their alignment. It can be either a pothole or a barrier that your vehicle has rammed into. Sometimes, rash driving or taking sharp turns also make them go out of their place.

Symptoms of misaligned wheels

  • There is quick or uneven wear of tyres.
  • The car will be inclined at an angle even when it is driven in a straight line.
  • The drive would be wobbly and uncomfortable.
  • You will feel vibrations either when you accelerate it or drive at high speed.
  • Due to the excess pressure on your tyres and engine, there would be a reduction in your car's fuel efficiency.

How do we take care of it?

To check the wheel wheel alignment Tipton, there are certain angles from which they should be viewed.

  • Toe-

This refers to the angle made by your wheels when they are viewed from the top.

  • Camber-

This refers to the angle made by your wheels when they are viewed from the front of your car.

  • Caster-

It refers to the slope made by the steering axis.

Our technicians at MOT Service Centre make sure that all these angles are restored to their original value. Other than this, factors such as the wheels' condition, positions of the axels is also taken into account. For the best quality experience, please visit MOT Service Centre.