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MOT Repairs

Getting an MOT repair done is necessary when your car fails the annual MOT inspection or receives a ‘VT30’ certificate after inspection. Our garage is certified by the DVSA to repair your vehicle's essential components so that you can opt for an MOT re-test.

We specialise in conducting MOT testing for vehicles of class 4, 5 and 7 and provide a thorough check-list for the failed parts of your car. Using this information you can easily get your car repaired and make it ready for the re-test.

Common reasons for failing the MOT

  • Suspension

The suspension system of your vehicle can get damaged because of the unpaved roads. This not only leads to an uncomfortable drive but an MOT failure as well. Therefore, our garage provides cutting-edge suspension repair to increase your chances of passing the MOT test.

  • Brakes

If your car's brakes produce loud noises or you experience increased stopping distances, our professionals can fix them for you. We conduct excellent brake repair and replacement services at the best price.

Lights and Indicators

Our facility makes sure that your car’s brake lights, headlights, indicators and tail lights are working correctly and fix them if any issue is present.
  • Battery

If your car's battery fail to power the spark plug or lead to starting issues, the MOT tester can fail your vehicle. Therefore, our experts conduct exceptional battery replacement services.

  • Tyres

Professional at our garage inspect your tyres for the legal tread limit of 1.6mm or above and ensure that it matches the MOT testing standard. If any issue is found, you can buy a fresh set of tyres from our store, and our experts will fit them for you.

  • Steering wheel

Our experts can top-up both the steering fluid and power steering fluid of your car, so it matches the required limit as per the MOT.

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The reasons for failing an MOT exam are not limited to the parts mentioned above. Therefore, it is advisable to visit our facility during the working hours to get a quick analysis and MOT repairs Tipton for your car's crucial parts.

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