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Are you looking for Tyres Size for your vehicle?

Whenever you buy new tyres Tipton, we will make sure you will get the correct size for your vehicle. In our MOT Service Centre vehicle database, we can easily find the right size by only typing in your car’s registration number. You can also find the information by looking into your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Fitting the right-sized tyres is of utmost importance.

At MOT Service Centre we stock various types and sizes of tyres. Each of these has an alphanumeric code embedded on the exterior of the rubber carcass.

This code indicates a tyre’s size.

Understanding tyre size

Here is one example: “195/55 R16 87 V”.

If you are planning to buy new tyres Tipton for your Fiat Punto, Ford Focus, VW Golf or Seat Leon - which currently sell widely in these Isles - the odds are high that you will have to use a similar-sized tyre.

Each of these letters and digits has a meaning. These are given below.

  • The first 3 letters, or 195, is the total diameter of the tyre’s rubber surface. It is measured in millimetres and is the overall gap between the inner and outer sidewalls of this example. This indicator is also acknowledged as ‘section width’.
  • The next 2 figures, or 55, is a percentage measure. It is known as the ‘aspect ratio’ and is the sidewall’s height measured against its gross section width, which is 195. Higher the value, better is the tyre. Most premium car tyres have aspect ratios of 70 and up. In this instance, ‘55’ means that the ratio is 55% of 195 mm.
  • The letter ‘R’ stands for a radial. Almost all tyres sold globally are of radial construction.
  • The next 2 digits, or ‘16’, is the rim diameter. This diameter is measured in inches. In this example, we have a model with a 16” diameter, standard in most hatchbacks.
  • This penultimate value, or ‘87’, is of considerable significance when you buy new tyres Tipton. It is called the ‘load index.’ Any car with tyres bearing load indexes of 87 can carry a gross weight of 545 kg per tyre. Therefore, if your vehicle has 4 identical tyres, it is capable of bearing a total load of 545 x 4 = 2,180 kg.Note that this index generally starts at 81 - capable of bearing 462 kg per tyre - and goes up to 96, where each wheel can lug 710 kg.
  • ‘V’ indicates this model’s maximum speed rating in km/hour. In this fictitious example, this model is recommended to run at 240 km/h.

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Why don’t you visit MOT Service Centre and get quality advice on selecting tyres? We only stock the finest car tyres Tipton. You can also order easily from our website either by typing in your car’s registration number or the tyre size.

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