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MOT Alumwell

Are you planning on a long drive across the M6 motorway, passing Alumwell on the way?

Do not let a sudden vehicle breakdown or puncture ruin your weekend getaway. Note our number 01215203999 and stay prepared for prompt service, should such situations arise.

MOT Service Centre is a registered garage, providing standard automobile servicing in and around this suburb in West Midlands. With a team of skilled technicians, we deliver instant service, so you do not end up stranded on an unknown road.

Our range of services

Following is a list of our wide range of vehicular services, catering to all “car service centre near me” searches.

Wheel alignment Alumwell

Do you notice your car tyres wearing out faster after getting a tyre replacement? Your vehicle’s wheel angles might be incorrect. Consult our professionals to get them realigned and avoid further vehicle complications.

Brake repair

Unusual squealing and grinding noises on applying brake pedals are sure signs of a malfunctioning braking system. Our trained fitters will perform prompt replacements of damaged components with OE-grade parts to restore your vehicle’s reliability and road safety.

Wheel balancing

To prevent car handling issues due to unbalanced tyres, we suggest you not skip periodical wheel balancing services from professionals. Expert service providers like MOT Service Centre use cutting-edge technology to inspect areas of imbalance and redistribute wheel weight to ensure optimum driving experience.

Exhaust service

A damaged catalytic converter or a rusted exhaust pipe can pose serious risks by filling your car cabin with poisonous gas emissions. Our professionals perform efficient repairs for minor inconveniences like a pipe leak—however, graver issues like those previously mentioned demand prompt replacement.

Besides the above vehicular services, we are a registered centre for MOT Alumwell. Drive down to our facility if your car’s yearly MOT check is due. We conduct detailed inspections of your four-wheeler to check its road-worthiness. You can also opt for our MOT repairs in case your car doesn’t make it through the test.

Our other automobile services include efficient air conditioning, suspension service, engine diagnostics, and full car service. We also stock tyres from various brands like Churchill Tyres, Goodyear, and Blacklion.

Why choose MOT Service Centre?

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced four-wheeler specialists. With our advanced equipment and precise services, we have established our trustworthiness in and around Alumwell. Besides, car-owners can also opt for tyre-fitting services upon buying a set.

Enter your vehicle’s registration number or tyre specifications to browse through our diverse catalogue of cheap tyres Alumwell and take your pick.

Opening Times

  • Monday 08:30AM - 17:00PM
  • Tuesday08:30AM - 17:00PM
  • Wednesday08:30AM - 17:00PM
  • Thursday08:30AM - 17:00PM
  • Friday08:30AM - 17:00PM
  • Saturday08:30AM - 14:30PM
  • SundayClosed