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MOT Audnam

Cannot find a reliable service centre for MOT Audnam?

At MOT Service Centre, we conduct comprehensive vehicle inspections to determine its road-worthiness as per the latest UK guidelines. We also stock advanced equipment and OE car parts to provide efficient repairs and replacements if your vehicle gets a VT30 certificate.

Call us on 01215203999 to schedule an appointment for your vehicle’s yearly MOT servicing today!

Besides MOT, our team of highly experienced professionals also offers immediate assistance with all sorts of vehicular issues, including:

Engine diagnostics

An annual car engine diagnostics is instrumental in detecting engine inefficiencies before it leads to a full-blown breakdown. At MOT Service Centre, we perform a comprehensive engine diagnostics check to improve your four-wheeler’s performance and fuel economy.

Wheel alignment Audnam

To maintain your vehicle’s optimum performance, it is essential to pay utmost importance to its wheels. Improper wheel alignment can lead to inconveniences like car veering to one side, poor steering response, and an overall uncomfortable ride. If you notice any of these signs, seek immediate assistance to prevent further damage.

Wheel balancing

Do you experience unusual vibrations in the steering wheel or your car seats? Bumpy rides even on smooth roads? Your car wheel might be out of balance. To fix such issues, we use state-of-the-art balancing machines to detect wheel parts with improper balance. After that, we fix additional weights wherever necessary to ensure smooth rolling of tyres.

Tyre pressure check

Under or over-inflated tyres can lead to several safety risks like hydroplaning, sudden punctures, and unusually rapid tread wear. In case you have got your car tyres replaced recently or notice issues like increased rolling resistance or a blinking TPMS indicator, drive down to our facility for a tyre pressure check.

In addition to the above services, car-owners can opt for suspension, exhaust, brake repair, winter check, summer check, or air conditioning service, making us an ideal choice for “car repair services near me”.

We also retail tyres from various brands. You can explore our catalogue with your car registration number or tyre size. Our trained professionals also specialise in tyre fitting. Schedule an appointment with our expert fitters after checking out your choice of premium or cheap tyres Audnam.

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