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MOT Dudley Wood

Looking for reliable MOTservices Dudley Wood?

Well, look no further as MOT Service Centre is now offering the same in this region. You can call us on 01215203999 and book an appointment.

Why is MOT important?

MOT is an annual test, determining a car’s roadworthiness based on an elaborate diagnosis of various components and their ability to meet the emission norms.

This certificate is mandatory, and failing to renew it can lead to fines and penalty points. You can now avoid these by quickly visiting our workshop. Your search for an affordable “MOT checker near me” ends with us.

What other services can I find at MOT Service Centre?

Here is a list of services that one can find at our workshop –

  • Wheel balancing

Proper wheel balancing is imperative for a vehicle to maintain its stability and perform properly. You may feel vibrations on the steering wheels or notice irregular tyre wear in case of any uneven weight distribution among the wheels. You can get this issue fixed at our facility with assistance from our experts.

  • Wheel alignment

Similar to balancing, proper alignment of wheels is vital to avoid tyre drag and handling issues. This problem can occur due to a number of reasons, and it is not that uncommon. However, neglecting it may lead to serious issues like suspension damage. You can now get top-quality wheel alignment Dudley Wood at our workshop.

  • Brake repairs

Brake components are an essential part of every vehicle. But over time, the braking system can sustain wear, making it susceptible to damage. You can get them serviced and replaced if needed at our workshop.

  • Suspension repair

The suspension system of a vehicle takes the maximum toll. Thus, wear and tear are unavoidable. You can understand it with the ride quality of the vehicle. It will become jarring, and the vehicle will be challenging to drive as well. At our workshop, you can get it checked and resolve the issues at low rates.

  • Selling tyres

Additionally, we also retail tyres from various brands across all price range. It means you can find cheap tyres Dudley Wood along with the expensive ones as well.

Apart from these, we also offer services like air conditioning repair, exhaust repair, engine diagnostics, winter and summer checks, etc. Visit our workshop at Hurst Lane, Tipton, DY4 9AB to avail any of our services.

Opening Times

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