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MOT London Fields

London Fields refers to the region surrounding the park and station by that name. Here, roughly 1/3rd of the total households have access to their cars. If you belong to one of those households and are looking for an affordable garage facility, MOT Service Centre is here for your timely rescue. We are based at Hurst Lane, Tipton, DY4 9AB.

At our facility, we offer an array of services and products to meet every vehicular requirement. We are also an authorised centre for class 4, 5, and 7 MOT London Fields at affordable prices. So, bring your car down to our facility if your vehicle is due for the annual MOT check.

Worried your vehicle might not pass the test? Have our professionals take a look. With our pre-MOT check, you can rest assured the car will be roadworthy in no time. Therefore, you can conclude your search for “MOT repairs near me” with us.

Besides this, listed below are the ways we can help you -


We stock with us a collection of affordable tyres for 22 different brands like BMW, Fiat, Honda, Jaguar etc. Thus, if you are looking for cheap tyres London Fields, feel free to get in touch with us.

Wheel alignment

Is your vehicle showing problems like a wobbly steering wheel, inadequate fuel efficiency, or sideward inclination when driving straight? This is possible because of misaligned wheels. If you are looking for a speedy restoration, contact us for professional wheel alignment London Fields. At MOT London Fields, we take care of –

Toe – Angle formed by a vehicle’s front wheels when seen from the top

Caster – Slope of steering axis to the wheels

Camber – Angle made by wheels when viewed from the front

Apart from this, we also take the wheel’s conditions, the position of axels into account. Drive down to us for the best services in London Fields.

Wheel balancing

If you face wheel balancing complications, your car is bound to show symptoms like vibration and noise. If you are nearby, visit us for the best aid for wheel balancing.

Brake replacement

With continuous usage over days, the brake system can turn faulty. Symptoms include leaking fuel, squeaking noise, burning smell when the car is running etc. If you notice these, do not panic and search for “brake repairs near me”. Per UK laws, repairing damaged brake parts is prohibited and can endanger your safety. Here at our garage, we provide the best solutions for brake-related complications.

Air conditioning

You can detect a faulty air conditioning system by noticing signs like rising temperature and humidity inside the car, odour from the vents, and loud noises. The air conditioning system of your vehicle not only maintains an optimum temperature inside your car but also filtrates the air, making it cleaner and bacteria-free. There are 3 components of the air conditioning, namely compressor, condenser and evaporator. These 3 work in harmony to control the temperature of your car. Fault in any one of these disturbs the whole. To ensure the best experience, entrust your car’s air conditioning with us.

Here at MOT London Fields, we cater to all your car-related issues at the best and affordable schemes. Our other services include suspension servicing, exhaust repairs and replacements, tyre pressure checks, seasonal checks, diagnostics, etc.

Contact us on 01215203999 for further details.

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