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MOT Londonderry

Londonderry, named after the Marquesses of Londonderry, is a hamlet situated by the Yorkshire Dales. Since the region lacks public transport, residents here mainly depend on their vehicles to commute.

As such, the need for a comprehensive and affordable garage facility is significant. If you are looking for an automobile centre for any vehicular issue, servicing, or MOT Londonderry, seek no further than MOT Service Centre.

People searching for “car service centres near me” often choose us for offerings like –

Class 4, 5, and 7 MOT

Annual MOT tests are mandatory for every vehicle above 3 years old. Driving without a valid VT20 certificate can cost a vehicle owner up to £2500. So, if your car is due for an MOT check, don’t wait and drive down to our facility. If you are a repeat customer, download our app and track your MOT certificate and deadline hassle-freely.


Whether you own a hatchback, sedan, coupe, or performance car, you can find suitable tyres with us. Our inventory comprises a range of premium & cheap tyres Londonderry to meet all budget requirements. The range is also diverse when it comes to season-specific or vehicle-specific variants, like summer, all-season, winter, 4x4, and UHP tyres.

Wheel alignment

Does your steering wheel vibrate when your car runs at high speed? Don’t worry. It’s just a symptom of misaligned wheels, which is relatively commonplace. However, ignoring it for a sustained period can lead to other issues like suspension damage. Thus, consider getting professional service of wheel alignment Londonderry from us at the earliest.

Wheel balancing

Is your car consuming a high quantity of fuel than usual? Or are you noticing faster and uneven wearing of tread? These are signs of wheel imbalance, fixing which requires professional assistance. To that end, come down to our facility for wheel balancing services.

Brake servicing

In case you notice signs like increased braking distance, squealing or grinding noise when pressing the pedal, do not wait and immediately seek professional assistance for brake repairing. Our technicians will run a thorough examination of the system and, if required, replace the damaged components with OE-grade spares.

Air conditioning

Weak airflow, noise, or strange odour from the air conditioning vents could signify the car’s AC system needs servicing. Thereby, bring your car down to our facility for inspection, and shall our experts find any anomaly, they will fix it in the most cost-efficient and effective manner.

Additional services offered

  • Tyre pressure check
  • Battery replacement
  • Exhaust repair and replacement
  • Interim and full car servicing

To know more or for an appointment call MOT Service Centre on 01215203999 or send an email –to info@motservicecentre.co.uk.

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