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MOT Mushroom Green

Mushroom Green was well-known for its chain making industry. It houses a museum displaying the history of this town and its connection with this industry. Modern Mushroom Green is a residential town, with various small businesses operating in this area.

Being a residential neighbourhood, there is a need for a trustworthy auto garage.

To compliment that, MOT Service Centre is now extending its services to this region.

MOT Service Centre: Services offered

We are one of the popular names in this region when it comes to anything related to vehicle servicing. Here are some highlights of our portfolio –

  • MOT check: MOT check is vital to drive on-road if it is 3 or more years older. Non-compliance will result in hefty fines or penalty points. For a quick MOT Mushroom Green, gives us a call.
  • Engine diagnostics: It is imperative to get thorough engine diagnostics routinely to stay on top of any issue. It will help you to understand the state of your vehicle and make the necessary tweaks to manage its performance.
  • Suspension repair: The suspension system bears the load of a car, and they suffer significant wear and tear over time. Therefore, if you have noticed any alteration in your car’s ride quality, get it checked for suspension damage. We are an ideal choice for all “suspension repair near me” searches.
  • Wheel alignment: Wheel alignment is responsible for driving stability. Any issue can cause serious damages to other car components, namely the suspension system. If you are facing this issue, opt for a wheel alignment Mushroom Green from us.
  • Wheel balancing: To continue with the wheel assembly issues, equal distribution of weight across the wheels is important for a car’s performance. Wheel balancing issues increase vibrations, alters ride quality, etc. Bring your car down for regular checks to ensure such issues don’t arise.
  • Brake repair: The braking system of your car also needs regular maintenance to be optimally safe. Get in touch with us for detailed diagnostics and repair.

Apart from these, our service portfolio includes air conditioning repair, summer and winter checks, exhaust repair, etc.

Additionally, we also retail tyres of various brands for every budget and car type. So, if you are on a budget and looking for cheap tyres Mushroom Green, please contact us.

Opening Times

  • Monday 08:30AM - 17:00PM
  • Tuesday08:30AM - 17:00PM
  • Wednesday08:30AM - 17:00PM
  • Thursday08:30AM - 17:00PM
  • Friday08:30AM - 17:00PM
  • Saturday08:30AM - 14:30PM
  • SundayClosed