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MOT Tividale

Tividale has several residents commuting daily around and outside Black Country for work. Thus, maintaining vehicle condition becomes a necessity to ensure safety. The population’s dependence on four-wheelers for transportation calls for reliable car service stations in the area.

To that end, people can turn to MOT Service Centre. We are a one-stop destination for a variety of car services. Our trained experts use modern machinery and advanced technology to bring about accuracy and efficiency quickly.

Besides, if you are on the lookout for cheap tyres Tividale, you can check out our inventory before purchasing an apt set of units.

Nonetheless, below mentioned are a few services we offer –

  • Wheel alignment is essential for reliable control and steering precision. Any discrepancy in the toe, camber, or caster angles can give way to steering wheel vibrations and difficulty maintaining a straight line while driving. It is in your best interest to get professional wheel alignment Tividale from a dependable workshop like MOT Service Centre to ensure road safety. Our services are done efficiently and accurately and at competitive prices.
  • Further, people looking for wheel balancing Tividale can also rely on our expertise for precise adjustments. We attach balancing weights to the wheel rim to maintain uniformity in weight distribution.
  • Exhaust health is instrumental in receiving optimal vehicle performance. Any unusual noise coming out of the exhaust pipe or fluctuating mileage are symptoms of a damaged exhaust system. Opting for exhaust repair Tividale is a feasible solution for customers facing any or both of these issues.
  • Brake performance is crucial for your on-road safety. Worn out brake shoes or damaged callipers can significantly reduce traction and results in a rise in braking distance. If you are feeling so, do not hesitate to drop in for a braking system checks at our facility. In case our professionals identify any discrepancy, they will perform replacements with your consent using OE-grade spares. However, brake repairs may not be an option since it’s against UK law.

Your car’s annual MOT Tividale with us

MOT Service Centre is an authorised centre for MOT checks. We have the necessary equipment to carry out both pre and post-MOT checks and do the repairs and replacements accordingly. Our experts inspect car components, including exhaust, tyres, windscreen, electronics, etc., as per protocols. We stock OE-grade spares for any make and model in Class IV, V, and VII category.

Other services

  • Air conditioning
  • Seasonal checks
  • Car servicing
  • Diagnostics
  • Suspension repairs and more

Visit MOT Service Centre

If you are looking for the above services or facing other car-related issues, do not hesitate to drive down to our facility at Hurst Lane, Tipton, DY4 9AB.

Opening Times

  • Monday 08:30AM - 17:00PM
  • Tuesday08:30AM - 17:00PM
  • Wednesday08:30AM - 17:00PM
  • Thursday08:30AM - 17:00PM
  • Friday08:30AM - 17:00PM
  • Saturday08:30AM - 14:30PM
  • SundayClosed